Paul Minahan Farewell

Our great great buddy Paul Minahan (Minners – Bing – Slipper - Big Red) has left us but by doing so also leaves some incredible memories and so many good times. Although a difficult time for all we want to celebrate his life at RPBCC with his blessing and for sure his understanding. He would be rapt knowing we will stand around at the club, have a few beers, share a few yarns and acknowledge the legacy he has left behind

The First Eleven will be playing at home and we will hope that all players perform to Pauls high standards and bring home the chocolates!

Judy Minahan and the girls will attend in the afternoon and they welcome this initiative. Having said that it will be extremely difficult for them as you can appreciate. Please also note people from decades ago are attending and hope you can join us!

Where: RPBCC Ransford Oval and Western Pavillion
Date: Saturday 1 December 2018 starting at 1pm
Sausage Sizzle Club will arrange from 1pm

Compulsory Things To Do

-Everyone should wear a Bing Crosby Hat
-Everyone should wear an Hawaiian Shirt
-Everyone should wear a copper bangle on their right wrist
-Everyone must share a story or an experience about Paul to the group
-Everyone must have good old fashined time and savor the moment
-Everyone must not drive home!

****** No need to confirm your attendance just turn up during the afternoon ********

From All Friends of Minners at RPBCC