Gold Sponsor Raffle Winner Riyasa Innovations

Royal Park Brunswick Cricket Club is very excited to announce Riyasa Innovations as a gold sponsor for the next two seasons after being named as our 2019 Gold Sponsor Raffle winner.

Riyasa Innovations Pty Ltd was formed in May 2018 as a company that assists entrepreneurs to propel their ideas to the product stage.

In our experience, we've come across a huge number of people who have tons of great ideas that can become an awesome product. However, most of these ideas never become a good product due to a lack of know-how from the ideas stage to the execution stage.

Riyasa Innovations provide visionaries with all the resources they need need to turn their idea into a reality, and the product they conceptualised. We provide our clients with experienced market researchers, business analysts, product designers, product engineers, technical architects, cloud architects and marketing consultants to help create a full fledged product, step by step throughout the whole process. Once a client is satisfied with the product, we even help them recruit the teams they'll need to keep their business chugging along.

Riyasa Innovations' motto is "We Deliver". That's it... plain and simple.